Tampa mayor to unveil budget plan before city council

Buckhorn is scheduled to give his formal budget presentation starting at 9 a.m. Thursday.


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Hillsborough woman treated for rabies exposure after rabid bat clings onto her arm

The woman is receiving rabies treatment after she found a small bat clinging to her arm.


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Polk Co. Sheriff’s Office still seeking candidates for Guardian program

Close to 100 people have applied, but efforts to widen the pool continue as it’s expected that not every applicant will pass the intensive training process.


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This professor says self-driving cars could be better for the environment

Self-driving cars could reduce the numbers of cars on the road and be put to use instead of sitting in parking lots and driveways, Dr. Rahul Razdan said.


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Hernando deputies investigate possible drowning at Eagle’s Nest after diver fails to resurface

Deputies said they received a call for help just before 7:00 p.m. when a free diver didn’t resurface.


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Nitrogen, septic tanks to blame rash of Fla. algae blooms, expert says

Algae blooms keep popping up says septic tanks and nitrogen pollution are a large part of the problem.


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Manatee Co. Sheriff’s Office says stop using social media to report emergencies

Deputies say Facebook is the wrong forum for letting law enforcement know about an urgent problem.


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