69-year-old man Siesta Key man accused of fired gun out of Siesta Key home

Deputies said the man fired three bullets from the home, which went through two glass windows.


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North Port toddler found in canal died from drowning

Ava Natalia Perry was found after a search involving neighbors and about 30 officers.


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Missing baby from North Port dies after being found in canal near home

Despite rescuers’ best efforts to save her, 20-month-old Ava Berry died at the hospital.


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SunPass Day 49: FDOT consultant resigns after overruled on transparency

The consultant issued her resignation hours after 10Investigates revealed how she suggested more transparency on FDOT’s SunPass meltdown, but state leaders quashed the approach.


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2018 Florida Cabinet Candidates: Who’s running, and what do they stand for?

These are the candidates running for Florida Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner and Chief Financial Officer.


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Proposed Florida Constitutional Amendments: See what’s on the state’s 2018 ballots

The November election includes 13 Florida constitutional amendments. Here’s what they all mean.


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2018 Florida Elections: How to register to vote and where to find your polling place

We’re compiled a voting guide to help you figure out where and how to register.


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3 people accused of organized retail theft at JC Penney’s stores in 11 Florida counties

Three were arrested and another is being sought after a Polk County Sheriff investigation found organized retail theft at numerous JC Penney’s stores in 11 counties.


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Pregnant woman in intensive care after getting shot in Dunedin, sheriff’s office says

The medical condition of the baby is unknown and the 18-year-old woman remains in intensive care, the sheriff’s office said.


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