Special Ops gathering in Tampa breaks attendance numbers

For the last five days, military men and women spent time at the Tampa Convention Center testing out the latest gadgets and technologies.


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Woman says she couldn’t find her dad after assisted living home shut down without notice

When Judy Leavens pulled up to her dad’s assisted living facility the parking lot was empty, and she had a weird feeling.


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‘It can happen to anyone’ | Mom of daughter who died in a hot car talks about the dangers

Before the tragedy, she used to question how a parent could ever forget their child.


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Health inspection finds close to 100 rodent droppings at local noodle house

The owner of Demi’s Noodle House in Palmetto is promising the food is 100 percent safe after problems on a health inspection.


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Local nonprofit tackles affordable housing crisis one home at a time

The director of housing services for Bright Community Trust says the demand for affordable housing is exploding.


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Disney World employee accused of trying to arrange sex with 8-year-old

Authorities say the man sent explicit photos of himself and arranged to meet with the child at an Orlando hotel.


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Armed men break into house, claim to be cops and tie up 3 people, deputies say

Deputies are searching for these armed home invasion suspects in Citrus Park.


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