‘Hope Prevails:’ New art exhibit honors Rosewood victims, survivors

A 1923 massacre that destroyed the town inspired art being shown at Tampa International Airport during Black History Month.


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Pinellas County Schools announces plan to search for graves under old school

There could be 300 bodies under Curtis Fundamental/Palmetto Elementary.


from WTSP – Local http://rssfeeds.wtsp.com/~/617406388/0/wtsp/localnews~Pinellas-County-Schools-announces-plan-to-search-for-graves-under-old-school
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Students at Crystal River Primary may have been exposed to hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable, communicable disease of the liver.


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Airport says faulty sensor to blame for smoke detected in plane’s baggage area

The plane was able to land, and everyone was able to get off safely, according to Sarasota-Bradenton Airport police.


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