Polk County: ‘We’ve put things on pause but we have not stopped’

Polk County Emergency Management preparations for Hurricane Dorian shift with new storm projections.


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Hurricane Dorian Shelters: These locations are opening ahead of the storm

If you have a shelter to add to this list, email us at desk@wtsp.com.


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Plant City community crushed by Irma preps for Dorian

Rainbow Rock Community was left without electricity, running water, or working sewage for 5 days during Hurricane Irma.


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Housing authority believes it found more than 130 coffins from Tampa’s first Black cemetery

A large portion of the cemetery was paved over in the 1950s when the housing authority built the Robles Park public housing complex.


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Hurricane Dorian Closings: Highlands, Polk County schools cancel classes through Wednesday

Schools will already be closed Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.


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Polk declares local state of emergency, bringing total to 7 Tampa Bay area counties

The City of Venice has also declared a state of emergency.


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