‘Honoring a Hero’: Tribute to Kent Officer Diego Moreno

Family and friends of fallen Kent Officer Diego Moreno shared stories of his life and service during a memorial Tuesday.


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Eager crowd lines up early for President Trump rally in Tampa

President Trump will be holding a rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds this evening, but people were camping overnight to make sure they got a good place.


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Hillsborough County continues investigation into medics’ “lack of care” after woman dies

Based on the statements given by the fire medics during their July 31 pre-disciplinary hearing about their emergency response to Crystle Galloway it was clear that further investigation was necessary, according to Hillsborough County administrators.


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Sen. Bill Nelson introduces bill to prevent publication of blueprints to create 3D-printed guns

Starting Aug. 1, a Texas-based company is allowed to post blueprints to make guns using a 3D printer.


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Have you seen her? Pasco deputies search for missing, endangered woman

Shelby Paige Fischer is missing and deputies need your help to find her.


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Comedian Kevin Hart bans cell phones for Saturday’s show at Amalie Arena

Anyone attending the performance who doesn’t follow the rules will be asked to leave.


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Clearwater deadly shooting: Pinellas sheriff to give update into Markeis McGlockton’s death

The Pinellas County sheriff plans to hold a joint news conference regarding the investigation into Markeis McGlockton’s death.


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Examining the value of presidential visits ahead of President Trump’s trip to Tampa

Tuesday marks Trump’s first public visit to Tampa since getting elected.


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President Trump to sign technical training bill during Tampa visit

President Trump first will visit Tampa Bay Technical High School to sign a bill that provides grants toward technical education.


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